Shopify Unite 2018

Inspired by the vibrant visual branding of Unite 2018, Tendril was tasked to concieve and create a simple and inspiring story of growth, community and self definition, facilitated by Shopify. The above film and a library of animated looping elements were created to set the atmosphere in the room and energize the audience on the opening day of the event.

For details and behind the scenes please check out the project page on our website here:


Ajay Chauhan

Christopher Bahry & Alex Torres

Executive Producer:
Kate Bate

John Szebegyinszki

Rodrigo Rezende

Lead Designer:
Leandro Beltran

Samuel Bohn, Omid Seraj,
Leandro Beltran

Lighting, Render and Compositing:
Chris Bahry, Joseph Recoskie

Sound Design & Music:
Combustion Studio

Cast: Tendril

Tags: animation, cgi, gradients, blobs, metaballs, cinema4d, procedural, story, color, shopify and unite

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