Include a Charity

Include a Charity’ is a non-profit organization (NPO) from Australia, whose purpose is to increase the number of people including charities in their wills. That’s why the name of the campaign is “the billion-dollar question”.

After getting the project, we started looking for the perfect matching style. Further work on the visual side clarified a collage style with a simplified colour palette.

Concept Development: Rafał Blecharz
Copywriting: Behaviour Change Partners/ Maria Pawlikowska
Script: Maria Pawlikowska, Rafał Blecharz
Storyboard: Gosia Jeniec, Maria Kulpa
Animatic: Rafał Blecharz
Concept art: Gosia Jeniec, Joanna Bernat
Design: Gosia Jeniec
Animation: Matt Jędrzejewski, Rafał Blecharz
Cel animation: Dominik Bartosik
Sound Design: Mateusz Pawluś
Art Direction: Rafał Blecharz
Production Manager: Martyna Orlik, Magdalena Czaicka
Account Manager: Gosia Kucharska

Cast: Studio Pigeon, Małgorzata Jeniec, Matthew Jedrzejewski, Rafał Blecharz and Mateusz Pawluś

Tags: include a charity, collage animation, narrative animation, social campaign, civil rights animation, human rights, equity animation, equality animation, european union animation, european parliament animation, european union explainer video, EEA Grants animation, democracy explainer video, democracy animation, charity animation, finance money animation, social issues explainer, charity explainer video and savings explainer

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