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In Wildness is the preservation of the World.
– Henry David Thoreau

Deep in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest lives a rare, unique and seldom seen creature, a black bear with white fur, known in these parts as Moksgm’ol (the ghost bear). According to local mythology, the creator Raven asked the Black bear to make one-in-ten cubs white, as a reminder of the Great White Time, when the world was covered in ice.

Ice, fire, earth, air and æther collide in this artistic, environmental and global feature which demands the viewer manifest their individual narrative, visually guided by compelling cinematography from our wildest lands. Experience the vast wilderness of the white continent and ancient rainforests to the revered power of the world’s oceans and erupting volcanoes.

Elementa is a black-and-white visual meditation of wilderness and the elements. Award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker Richard Sidey returns to the triptych format for a cinematic experience like no other.

Filmed over five years on seven continents, Elementa is Sidey’s second feature collaboration with ambient composer Boreal Taiga, and completes the director’s Speechless trilogy.

Prepare yourself for full immersion.


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Official Selection – Doc Edge 2020

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Directed by Richard Sidey

Music by Boreal Taiga

© 2020 Galaxiid Ltd | All Rights Reserved

All music tracks used with permission from Wayfarer Records
© 2020 Wayfarer Records


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