Djemba Djemba & Maribelle – SHOUT (Lyric Video)

Los Angeles-based producer DJEMBA DJEMBA is responsible for some today’s most relevant pop and electronic tracks, from Sia’s “Elastic Heart” or Chris Brown’s “X” to Major Lazer’s “Be Together” and “Night Riders”. Today he joins forces with 20-year-old Australian vocalist MARIBELLE to form their new project ‘Djemba & Maribelle’. The electronic and R&B inspired duo describes themselves as a collaboration drawn together over the internet by a mutual love for guilty pleasures, soft textures, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and John Hughes films.
Directed and Animated by frametouch
Album Art by Yokopium


© Fairway Entertainment Inc 2015

Cast: frametouch

Tags: animation, cel, traditional, frame by frame, motion, design, 80s, 90s, vibe, pattern, color, retro, funky, fresh, new, frametouch, maribelle, shout, djemba and lyric video

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